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Whether owning a handyman and landscape business, or as professional Property Manager/Caretaker, Bruce Weaver has always cared for place with the aesthetic of an artist, the heart of an Earth steward, and keen attention to detail.
Raised in rural Missouri in a family of modest means, if Bruce wasn’t in his father’s workshop fixing the family car or repairing the washing machine, he could be found wandering the family’s rural 40-acres with his artist mother, who painted or photographed the landscape of his childhood. This upbringing, coupled with Bruce's innate curiosity, love of problem-solving, self-sufficiency, and an affinity with the environment, has led to a life of study, exploratory learning, and hands-on care of places, and the Earth.
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After high school Bruce entered the Air Force where he trained as an After high school, Bruce entered the Air Force where he trained as an Armaments Specialist with a top security clearance to load Nuclear weapons on F-4 fighter jets, and B-52 bombers-- an experience that proved enlightening and ushered-in the knowledge that his path in life would be one of a peaceful warrior.
When the Internet arrived, Bruce's artistic urges found a new arena for expression. Immersing himself in self-study of Internet technologies, in time, he entered and won a scholarship contest to attend the prestigious Vancouver Film School, where he earned a degree in New Media/Transmedia.
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Today, Bruce has returned to his love of property care, and systems management, garden and environmental landscape design, serving as consultant for a 35-acre estate slated for a fly-fishing lodge in the Catskill Mountains, NY. When he's not busy doing that, he's likely making and telling a short video story, or creating something beautiful with his hands.
Bruce Weaver Caretaker Property Manager
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