Immersive hands on Ranch Field Course on Ranch Management and Ecosystem Stewardship. Visiting 10 Ranches in 21 days. My final project idea Burning Woman Biochar
"The Desert of Maine is a weird and wonderful place that is difficult to describe."
While on the east coast I came across the Desert of Maine which had recently been purchased. I developed a project called OOM - Oasis of Maine  to present to the new owners.
As consultant to a startup hunting and fishing lodge I developed concepts for immersive newsletter blog (Catskill Chronicles) that helped tell the story of proof of concept ideas. 
As I was searching for a dream caretaking job in Catskill Mtns I decided to develop a prototype for an app called (campkeeper) that can be used as guide for surrounding area while promoting place, people and products the camp and retreat might offer. My model concept used Camp Woodmere and the Guideboat company proof of concept.
 I wrote  Why Middle Earth Is Ground Zero For The Apocalypse in  2015,  5 years after producing my documentary film Dance With Destiny 2010. While the word Apocalypse might conjure up fear, I use it in relationship to lifting the veil to see the reality we are truly living in now.

Its 2021 and the world is still in lockdown with Covid Pandemic and the earth is literally on fire, my work and visions from Arkos to the Apocalypse is all about my souls purpose. 
We all need to have big vision and my hopes are that someone who comes across my work can provide the capital to create some of these unique visions that can help regenerate our future. 
What is Virtual Reality Training?
 a paper written in 2003 while a Student @ Vancouver Film School “New Media”.
 Are we in a simulation? Have we already been in the #metaverse ?
What is Virtual Reality Training?
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